Major Incident Response

In a major U.S. city with hundreds of thousands of residents and millions of visitors every year, anything can happen and almost everything does.  When major incidents develop the Police Department can quickly find itself shorthanded and in need of additional uniforms on the street.  Minneapolis Police Reserve Officers are on-call 24 hours a day to respond to requests for emergency assistance.  A single telephone call from a precinct inspector or watch commander will initiate the call-out system that notifies reserve commanders of an incident and activates the unit for expeditious deployment.  At any hour of the day a team of officers can roll call and report to Incident Command, often within an hour of being called-out.

The Reserve Unit has responded to incidents involving rioting and protests, officer shootings, large crime scenes, fires and explosions, and natural disasters.  Emergency call-outs may also be initiated for planned events that occur on short notice, such as dignitary visits, large funerals, and even sporting events (i.e. professional and collegiate playoff games).  The duties of reserve officers responding to major incidents can vary widely: traffic and crowd control, perimeter security, securing evidence, search and rescue, and citizen aid, to name a few.

Reserve officers may supplement existing personnel or relieve regular police officers to return to their scheduled tour of duty.  At many events reserve officers have remained on-scene long after shift changes have sent others home, and some officers can tell stories of events where they've seen the sun set and rise again.