Public Security

Any police trainer or experienced officer can tell you that a uniform is an officer's first tool on the job.  The mere presence of a blue shirt and a badge can be remarkably effective for commanding attention, conveying authority, affecting behavior, calming victims, maintaining order, and deterring criminal activity.  What's more, a skilled and professionally minded officer often can elicit his or her desired outcome using appropriate verbal and non-verbal communication and without escalating the use of force.  Teaching reserve officers to correctly utilize this advantage is one of the core lessons of the Minneapolis Police Reserve Academy.

At public events large and small - from the longest parade to the shortest school carnival - reserve officers provide a congruent level of security with their professional uniformed presence.  At large functions, such as Metrodome events and other centralized gatherings, reserve officers may be assigned to traffic detail or to a security post at an entry point or other perimeter location.  Public security may also be provided by motor escort - recently, a detail of reserve officers escorted an original copy of the Declaration of Independence through Minneapolis.

Public and private non-profit organizations hosting public events regularly utilize Minneapolis Police Reserve Officers when the services of a regular police officer are not required.  Reserve officers may supervise entry points, guard cash storage and movements, monitor the grounds and surrounding area, help keep the peace, and so on.  Organizations may request the services of the Minneapolis Police Reserve by submitting a written request prior to the event.