Traffic & Crowd Control

One of the most critical areas of public safety is the control of vehicle and pedestrian traffic at large public events, in congested urban areas, and during emergency situations.  The MPD's Reserve Unit is one of the most experienced units in the entire state in the management of vehicle traffic and large crowds.  Given the considerable number of large events that occur in Minneapolis every year, plus the substantial flow of traffic through the city, Minneapolis Police Reserve Officers are called upon regularly to handle complex logistical scenarios.  New recruits receive over 20 hours of training in this area as part of the Minneapolis Police Reserve Academy, the most of any metro area police agency.  In fact, the Minneapolis Police Officer who teaches the classroom portion of "traffic school" is a former Reserve Deputy Chief and is the traffic control instructor for the MPD.

Traffic and crowd control is by far the most dangerous aspect of reserve policing in Minneapolis -- the only two Minneapolis Police Reserve Officers killed in the line of duty were fatally wounded in traffic control situations.