A Diverse Family of Dedicated People

Minneapolis Police Reserve Officers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, occupations, lifestyles, ages, and cultures.  The thin blue line crosses all boundaries.  Businesspeople, attorneys, mechanics, computer programmers, engineers, bus drivers, physicians, machinists, secretaries, students, and accountants all have worn the badge of the Minneapolis Police Reserve.  Officers in their twenties work side-by-side with officers in their sixties.  People of color and people not born in the U.S. have proudly put on their blue uniforms to serve their community and their country.  Our officers have come from all corners of the city, and two-thirds of reserve officers reside outside of Minneapolis.  The strength of this family of dedicated officers comes from an uncommon respect for each other, a shared dedication to public service, and pride in the purpose of reserve policing.

Minneapolis Police Reserve Officers have many reasons for volunteering their time.  While some reserve officers are law enforcement students or future students intending to pursue a professional career as a peace officer, most reserve officers are community-minded adults with successful careers in another field (or are retired) who do not aspire to be full-time police officers.  Many officers find their part-time career in reserve policing to be a welcome detraction from their professional careers and other involvements in the community, as well as an opportunity to develop leadership and management skills that carry over to their professional lives.  One thing is certain: the officers of the Minneapolis Police Reserve represent the very finest of American citizens.

Although a career in reserve policing is not right for every person, everyone has an equal opportunity to apply and show us they can meet our high standards for membership.  The Minneapolis Police Reserve is committed to maintaining a culture open to diversity.  Women, senior citizens, and members of minority communities are encouraged to apply.